mbDash.com API Documents

Merchants can interact with mbDash through the API

PHP Example


$apikey="API KEY HERE";
$amounta = "10000000";
$amountb = "400000";
$addressa = "1A8JiWcwvpY7tAopUkSnGuEYHmzGYfZPiq";
$addressb = "1ExD2je6UNxL5oSu6iPUhn9Ta7UrN8bjBy";
$recipients = urlencode('{
                  "'.$addressa.'": '.$amounta.',
                  "'.$addressb.'": '.$amountb.'

$json_url = "https://mbDash.com/api?method=sendmany&apikey=$apikey&guid=$guid&password=$password&from=$from&recipients=$recipients";

$json_data = file_get_contents($json_url);

$json_feed = json_decode($json_data);

$message = $json_feed->message;
$txid = $json_feed->tx_hash;


Callback Security

A secret parameter should be included in the callback URL. When the callback is received the secret parameter should be checked for validity.

Test notifications sent using the "Call the API" tool will include the parameter "test" with a value of "true". Callback processing scripts should always check for this testing flag.